The Most Influential Strategy in Texas Holdem Poker

The Most Influential Strategy in Texas Holdem Poker – The strategies contained in the online texas holdem poker gambling game are indeed very diverse and have different types.

I see a lot of novice players playing Big Slick, or AK and to a fault, about 90%+ of them have the same problem playing this hand: they miss playing it after the Flop. As I’m sure you know, AK is one of the top 5 hands you can handle. However, how you play it after the flop can be tricky, especially in tournament play.

For example, I saw a player move up from middle position in a multi table tournament yesterday when I was on the download idnpoker button with a matched JT. After watching this player a few times, he was pretty loose and I was in position, so I made a call. The flop comes rainbow T-7-5.

This is where it gets complicated. There’s nothing wrong with advanced betting, but it’s one of the most used games in internet poker (it and raises) and tends to mean almost nothing. If you have seen a player who is aggressive enough to play a few hands, it is usually quite easy to see that he will make a follow-up bet regardless of the flop. In this case he makes a pot size bet.

The pot size is too much, in my opinion. It tells me he’s bluffing. If he’s going to hit the top pair he’s more likely to make a 1/2 pot sized bet to build the pot and keep me around. I raised by doubling the stakes. Here’s another classic mistake: he calls.

Guys, don’t call this bet if you have nothing. You make your continuation bet and it gets sniffed, let it go. If he really had a hand, he would have brought me back. Calling all he did was make me SURE he had no hands, whereas, I was only partially convinced before.

Anyway, the turn is 5 again. He checked and I checked back. Why? To make him think I was bluffing.

Sure enough, River was 2, he led out thinking he had me, I called, he flipped the AK and I doubled with my pair of Ts. It’s simple when you look at it like this, but it happens in online poker all the time. Remember, AK is just a high Ace if there are no strokes to improve the hand. Don’t make the mistake of overplaying it, and don’t make the mistake of making yourself think it’s more powerful after the flop than it really is.…