How to Train Fighting Chickens to Be Good at Competing

How to Train Fighting Chickens to Be Good at Competing

How to Train Fighting Chickens to Be Good at Competing – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, here is how to train roosters to be good at competing. On this occasion, we will provide some tips on caring for fighting cocks after competing in order to stay in shape.

Bangkok Chicken Fighting Practice

This is the last stage of training to see if your Bangkok chicken is ready to fight or not, the way is to practice fighting. But it is very important to find an equal match, and this exercise must be watched very closely.

Train Bangkok Chicken Strength With Swimming

The benefit of training Bangkok chickens by swimming is to strengthen the muscles of the Bangkok chicken. Because when the Bangkok chicken is put into the water, the chicken is forced to make movements such as flapping its wings and legs and moving all parts of its body so that it doesn’t drown in the water.

With the swimming training given to Bangkok chickens, it has a very good effect, namely the muscles will become hard, so that the Bangkok chicken’s body will look more muscular and athletic. This exercise pattern can be done twice in a span of 2 to 3 minutes, and the length of time can be increased as the exercise progresses.

Train Bangkok Chickens To Jump

When the Bangkok chicken is fighting, the most movements done are by making leaps such as jumping, training the Bangkok chicken to jump serves to train the ability and strength to rely on. In addition, the chicken will become more active and agile so that it can avoid every attack while it is being fought.

The way you can use to practice jumping on a chicken is by throwing it up or into the air. The trick is that your right and left hands support the rump of the chicken after which the body of the chicken is lifted like a high throw and at the same time the chicken feet will grip, this aims to tear the opponent’s body very strongly later.

Train Chicken Neck Bangkok

Giving neck exercises to Bangkok chickens is almost like jumping training. You do this by lifting the chicken up too. But what is supported is on the buttocks (just below the brutu) and the neck (under the head). Lifting time must be done simultaneously and with the same force. When removed, the veins and neck of the Bangkok chicken will get harder.

Taking Care of Bangkok Chickens After Fighting

After fighting, the Bangkok chicken will experience a lot of rips on its body, immediately treat these wounds by giving drugs and antiseptics, but first the wounds must be cleaned using warm water.