Live Action Movies Based on Manga

Live Action Movies Based on Manga – Japanese comics are indeed one of the comics that have different fans and are quite widely spread in the world. Childhood has its own series of stories that end up being the most beautiful memories. Among them are manga or anime characters that color your day. Call it, Doraemon, Conan Edogawa, Cardcaptor Sakura, and many more.

Eits, who says the world of anime or manga only stops at your childhood? Some people who are referred to as wibu, continue to like this until now and tomorrow, you know. Yup, Japanese adventure and imagination continues to be the best entertainment. Good news! For those of you who are classified as wibu, some of your favorite characters have in fact transformed into real people, to be precise in the 7 live action manga adaptations below. What kind of manga and how similar are the characters presented?

1. Death Note Dwilogy (2006, 2008)

Everyone longs for a social life that is free from crime. Including a Light Yagami in the Death Note Dwilogy. As the name implies, the mysterious book titled Death Note landed in his life as an answer to the changing world.

However, this change occurred on the basis of an unexpected mystical power, namely the taking of life from criminals to corruptors. For some, it is a miracle, but not for a young detective named L.

The story is still presented in a live action film layarkaca21 involving actors from the land of Sakura. Indeed, the film adaptation will not be exactly the same as shown in the manga, but this film has the right sparks to enjoy.

2. I am a Hero (2016)

As we age, the challenges of life also increase. This is the main point in the life of a 35 year old man, Hideo. Starting from career problems in the manga world, to romance. After that, the spread of the ZQN virus became a much more serious problem than before. Will Hedon overcome that life?

In this live action film adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s manga, the cinematic scenes are quite successful in showing the action and comedy aspects that come and go. Likewise, the character traits and other important elements are emphasized.

3. Lesson of the Evil (2012)

In a way, all schools in this world need a teacher like Seiji Hasumi. Not only good at teaching foreign languages, Hasumi is very good at dealing with various kinds of problems so that he also becomes a highly respected teacher.

In the live action film version, Lesson of the Evil presents the same outline of the story but with a layered plot. However, the plot is unfortunately present in too little duration. However, fans will be quite treated with the excitement of the story until the selection of the cast is considered quite right.

4. Bunny Drop (2011)

Introducing the life of a Daikichi who is an established single businessman in a big city, Bunny Drop elevates family values ​​in Japan. Starting from the departure of a grandfather to the appearance of a little girl named Rin Kaiga.

With live action scenes that are shown, fans will see a tiring portrait of Japanese people. However, a slice of live dish sprinkled with light comedy will give you a moral message as well as entertain you.

5. Crows Zero Dwilogy (2007, 2009)

Fighting, power and supremacy are three elements that describe the situation in a prison-like school, Suzuran High. In this place, the most naughty and brutal delinquents gathered with enthusiasm and blazing spirit.

Starring the well-known actor Shun Oguri, Dwilogi Crows Zero can be said to have succeeded in bringing the character of Takiya Genji to life who deserves to be the center of attention. Without exception, a harsh atmosphere that almost matched that of the manga.…